Sadie Honey Ava Dreamer Jazz Celine
Luvie Arya Dazzle Dani Mira Ava Annie
Whoopi Razzle Angel Cenza Nami Mistletoe
Celine has been an outstanding show bitch in the US and the Philippines. She finished her US title before 10 months of age with two Best of Breeds and won the Philippine National Specialty at under two years.

Am. & Grand Philippine Ch. Goldgrove Impeccable Style
Sire: CH. Mikadobes You Cheated V Amoore
Dam: CH. Goldgrove Elegance is an Attitude
Owner: Sharon Pflueger

Am/Can Ch Mikadobe's You Cheated v Amoore
Ch Cambria's Cactus Cash Ch Rahdy's Sail the Seven Seas Ch Brunswig's Cryptonite
Ch Rahdy's Sable v Deserae LC-11D
Ch Cambria's Nocona v Texas UD LC-11D Ch Ravenswood Cairo v Aquarius LC-13D
Ch Florowill Bit of Magic LC-10D
Ch Mikadobe's I'll Be Seeing You Ch Cadbrae Lord William Wallace CD Ch Aquarius Damien v Ravenswood
Ch Mikadobe's Gabrielle v XLNC LC-11D
Ch Mikadobe's Ariel v Xlnc LC-12L Am/Can Ch Elfenwald's Flashback
Ch Mikadobe's Outrageous Fortune
Ch Goldgrove Elegance Is An Attitude
Ch Goldgrove Top Cop v Karrera LC-13D Ch Goldgrove Foxbriar Diversha Ch Goldgrove Concrete Cowboy LC-13D
Ch Goldgrove Bit O'Irish Barchet
Ch Goldgrove Faron v Karrera Ch Goldgrove Concrete Cowboy LC-13D
Ch Aryan's Aphrodite
Ch Goldgrove Stole My Heart Ch Goldgrove Love Games Am/Can Ch Shayera Jesse James
Ch Goldgrove Guess v Karrera
Can Ch Shayera Sure Shot Annesam Ch Goldgrove High Voltage v Sala CD ROM CGC
Am/Can Ch Shayera Annie Oakley WAC